Kefalonia, Greek Islands, your Virtual Tour of the jewel of the Ionian Sea. Cephalonia, Greece

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Kefalonia Map of the Island:
Myrtos Beach, viewpoint
Myrtos Beach, viewpoint "but don't be fooled: all that white stuff down there on the beach is not sand - it is stones..."
Sami, Harbour and Town
Sami, Harbour and Town "it is beautiful an almost circular, huge bay, with the town spread along the coast and magnificent mountains behind. There may be some gorgeous places on the outskirts of the main town..."
Argostoli Lighthouse
Argostoli Lighthouse "This lighthouse at Argostoli was the prettiest thing we found in the capital city of Kefalonia. You can see why it is a popular spot for wedding photographs..."
Fiskardo Harbour
Fiskardo Harbour " It has lovely old houses and colourful alleyways, with flowers everywhere. It was the only place to have been unscathed by the earthquake of 1953..."
Kaminia Beach and Bay
Kaminia Beach and Bay "If you like your beaches quiet and as nature intended, then this is for you. There is a small hut serving snacks and drinks, but that is all..."
The coast at Assos
The coast at Assos "One side is sheltered and has a small fishing village with restaurants a little bach. The other side is much more rugged and wild..."

Kefalonia (sometimes spelt Kefallinia, Cephalonia, Cephallenia etc.) is the largest of all the Ionian islands. It is green, like Corfu but much more mountainous and not as dependent on tourism.

Thinking of a holiday in Kefalonia?

Before you select a resort and book your hotel, apartment or villa, we think you need to know where to stay, what you could do - and of course, the places to avoid! We are here to help you make those vital decisions, so you can have the break that's right for you! Join us to check out the resorts, beaches and places of interest before you pay a single penny. We've visited it first, to save you the trouble. Make your choice with all the information at your fingertips...

Beautiful Beaches

Kefalonia is probably most famous as the setting for the Louis de Berniere's film, "Captain Corelli's Mandolin", which was filmed on the island in 2000. Although it has since really grown as a tourist destination, it easy still very easy to find plenty of quiet or deserted beaches.

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The island feels like a working, Greek island; not just a holiday destination. It is incredibly beautiful and vast. A trip into the interior to see the magnificent mountainous scenery is highly recommended: especially as you are unlikely to have to share your view with many other tourists. Having said that, even the coast feels uncrowded, except if you venture onto some of the beaches very close to Argostoli.


Tour of the Resorts

We spent a week travelling around Kefalonia in June 2006. We managed to see virtually all of the main towns and resorts of the island, except for the Lixouri peninsula. Apart from the stunning coastal and mountainous scenery, another obvious feature of the island was the newness of the buildings. This is easily explained: earthquakes devastated virtually the whole island, in 1953. Many islanders moved away to other parts of the world to make their fortune and have since come back to help to rebuild the island.

kefalonia Fiskardo

So, apart from Lixouri, where does this virtual tour take you?


There are no shabby, dilapidated buildings on the island at all. In fact, the only old buildings are way up in the North, at Fiskardo, which was untouched by the earthquake. By the way, there are still many minor tremors each year: you have been warned!


To the other main harbours: Skala (attractive resort), Poros (quiet, pleasant), Argostoli (capital, busy), Sami (busy, very big, not great), Agia Efimia (very new, growing, nice harbour), Fiskardo in the north (the oldest and prettiest).

The Interior

To the interior: The Monastery at Agios Gerasimos (gorgeous, really worth a visit and I don't normally do monasteries etc.), mountain views at Agios Niklaos and Harakti.

The Beaches

To beaches: Katelios and Kamenia (very quiet, on the south coast), AntiSamos (very beautiful, used for Captain Corelli), Mirtos (beautiful, famous beach, used for Captain Corelli), Kiriaki, Assos (very small, gorgeous harbour, west coast). Lassi (the busiest beach on the island and most touristy)

We loved Kefalonia for its dramatic beauty, its quietness and its lack of tackiness. Would we go back? Definitely! Tomorrow!

Submarine escape: A WWII survival tale from Kefalonia - the story of John Capes: Stoker on the Perseus Submarine (BBC)