Mirtos Bay and Beach - Myrtos Beach

Mirtos Bay and Beach - Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia Virtual Tour.

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Guide and Virtual Tour of Kefalonia: Mirtos Bay and Beach - Myrtos Beach.
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Myrtos beach is not covered in white sand,as this shot seems to suggest: it is covered in white stones. Having said that, Mirtos Beach is still gorgeous - huge white cliffs and a wide, curving, white beach with less than a handful of people on it, although it may well get busy in the high season (we were there in May). The road down there is interesting - if you are interested by steep gradients, hair pin bends, a vertical drop on one side and sharing your road with coaches which want BOTH sides.

Once down there, you just park on the beach and reward yourself with a stiff coffee in the one taverna and, if you are VERY brave, use the porta-loo. (Oh dear, 1/10)

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Map of Kefalonia showing the location of Mirtos Bay and Beach - Myrtos Beach at Latitude 38.342733 / Longitude 20.535164.
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